In 1966, in one of Città di Castello's alley in the historical part of town, Piero Pieracci's life-long dream came true. Pieracci was a carpenter with many years of experience who finally was able to open his own workshop, specialising in the production of chairs.
Right from the opening of his workshop, Pieracci had thought of producing top-class chairs in the full respect of the "Rural Rustic" Tifernum traditions. He worked with only the best of woods such as solid Italian walnut, chestnut and oak, which is to this day the company's forte.

 The "Seggiolificio Pieracci" products gained immediate success and Pieracci was forced into rapid growth. In 1978 he finally decided to transfer his company to newer and larger premises at Cerbara where it still stands and produces to this very day.
Meanwhile, thanks to the product and also good planning, the factory thrived. So, in 1993, after nearly 30 years, Piero Pieracci, then included his children, Giovanni and Stefania, in the managing of the company. Even though the company underwent a very rapid and explosive growth, thanks to the solid marriage of technical know-how and creativity of the traditional and antique handwork, every single piece is created in harmonius form.

Every chair is of high quality and function that only years of experience can produce.
The company strives to satisfy every whim and want according to taste and necessity of their clients. These are the keys to a highly successful and significant recognition on not only a national market but on the major international markets.